The worlds best fish finder meets the worlds best fishery

Welcome to the world of Furuno New Zealand.

We're blessed with some amazing fishing here in New Zealand!  Arguably the worlds best snapper, kingfish, swordfish and striped marlin fisheries. Make the most of it with the worlds best fish finders! At Furuno New Zealand we've got the best range of fish finding marine electronics to help you make the most of your time on the water.


Furuno TZ Touch 2 is here!
Fish finding power at your fingertips.

New Zealand's favourite fish finder just got even better! The all new TZTouch 2 with inbuilt RezBoost fish finder combines Furuno's superior fish finding capabilities with the ease of use of a touch screen. Scroll back and mark bait balls on your sounder and overlay them on your plotter, see just how big the fish are with AccuFish and all for a hot new price.

Check out the TZ Touch2 now



Introducing Sabiki Mode for NAVPilot.  Holding over fish just got easier!

Great news for those fishos who like to hold their boat in reverse over good sign on their sounder - fishing for kingfish, swordfish, livebait and bluenose/hapuka. With Sabiki mode turned ON, you won't need to touch your steering wheel, Sabiki mode will hold you perfectly into the wind or tide, perfect for the skipper who also wants to wet a line!

Check out Nav Pilot with Sabiki Mode now!

Team FurunoReports
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    Big Hapuka from Whitianga on the TZ Touch

    Capt Cam Allan takes the day off and boosts out of Whitianga, using his TZ Touch with 1kw to find some BIG hapuka   Read More...

  • Post Thumbnail

    A sneak peek behind the scenes with Matt Watson

    A sneak peek behind the scenes fishing with Matt Watson from the ITM Fishing Show. The boys get into some nice Northland bass filming some deep water action for an upcoming show.  Read More...

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"Right from when I was Commercial Fishing, Charter Fishing, and now making fishing TV shows, the objective is the same - to be successful you have to catch fish!

All the boats I've worked on have run Furuno, and when I look at what other successful skippers in New Zealand and around the world use - it's Furuno.

Basically when it's your job to catch fish, you use Furuno gear because it's the best"

MATT WATSON, The ITM Fishing Show



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