Unique to Furuno, the ACCU-Fish feature is a revolutionary fish size assessment function that can tell you the approximate size of the fish below your boat.  ACCU-Fish recognizes individual or multiple fish instantaneously.

ACCU-FISH displays fish symbols on your FURUNO screen with their length in cm. Or optionally their depth.

ACCU-FISH signal processing blends the high and low frequencies to depict fish targets of all types simply, clearly and distinctly. Now, fishermen can clearly and easily distinguish big billfish around a bait ball, or see through bait fish on the surface to target "the big one" below. Very often the snapper will be in schools of a certain size, using ACCU-FISH you can determine the size of the fish you target, rather than wasting time and bait, and potentially damaging a lot of small fish.

ACCU-FISHâ„¢ is available on

FCV627, FCV587, FCV295, FCV1150, TZTouch Range, TZTouch2 Range, DFF1, DFF1-UHD, DFF3, BBDS1,GP1670FGP1870F

In order to assess individual fish size, the echo strength from the fish needs to be computed and turned into fish size display on the screen. It can detect the fish size of 10 to 199 cm, in the depth of 2 to 100 m.