Could 2016 Be the Best Game Season Ever?

We're only into the second week of February but already the game fishing season is shaping up to be one of the best we have seen for a long time! Abnormally high water temps have seen an influx of pelagics, and the Kiwi fishos have been out there making the most of it!

Both coasts are producing consistent striped marlin fishing, in fact a striped marlin was landed in the South Island in January! Things reached fever pitch over the last week with two big 300kg+ blacks caught out of Tutukaka and Te Kaha, and the 200kg+ Blue Marlin arrived in numbers at Waihau Bay.

 NZ's game fishing mecca the King Bank has fired too, and over the last week reports have been coming in about some crazy action at the Three Kings, with boats seeing 30-40 marlin in a trip.

It has been great to see the Furuno community in among the action!

The new Wavedancer boat Arcade has been clocking up the stripeys out West with their TZ Touch 2  



The Naki crew have been fizzing about some solid fishing in their backyard out West as well. The boys on Ranger have been sending us some great shots of the bait balls they are finding in reasonably shallow water there.


And they've been pulling marlin off them


Tutukaka has been on of the more consistent ports, with the some bumper days including one which produced 30+marlin tagged and weighed into the Whangarei Deep Sea Club. Good to see Luke Davis finding them consistently with his FCV 587






 The Middle Ground and Hook out of Whitianga has been another hot area. There has been a nice eddy of water sitting straight off Whitianga with nutrient rich green water very close to some nice blue water and the edge of that has produced some hot fishing with boats getting multiple bites.  Furuno fisho Tony Carpenter has been in on the action with his FCV 587


It has been awesome to see the return of our sickled friends the yellowfin tuna!  Get out wide this season in some nice blue water, find some bait and structure with your Furuno and you can't go wrong!

While you are out doing the miles this season, be sure to keep an eye out for good structure out in the deep to mark for your future bottom fishing adventures, you never know what might be lurking down on that 500m bit of rubble...


A bit further south, the boys on Cascade Charters are reporting awesome catches of kingfish, bass and hapuka at the Ranfurly Banks

Mark Armistead recently returned from a trip to the banks and reported some crazy top water action on the kingfish


 Sister ship Morning Glory has been into some solid bottom fishing as well with their Furuno!

For those who are inclined to stay a bit closer to port, the good news is that all this good water is bringing with it plenty of bait to the coast, if a nice kingfish is what you are after you don't have to go far.  With a lot of bait on the coast, ACCUFish is a great way to tell the kingfish apart from the schools of maccies, here is a nice little pic we snapped during a kingi session on the TZ Touch the other day - SPOT THE KINGI!!


We hope you're out there making the most of this great Kiwi summer! All the best from the Furuno team.