Keeping with our theme of bringing you a cool new giveaway from a homegrown fishing brand each month, here's your chance to win $795 of winter gear from Just Another FishermanJust enter our 'How Furuno are You' quiz below to be in to win. We'll drawn one winner on 1 July. And you never know there might be a few more goodies in store for the right answers:



How Furuno Are You?

* indicates required
You see a good weather window for Monday. Do you:
What is your favourite form of fishing
How Many Days a Week do you go fishing?
Fishing competitions, do you...
Rum is best served
What sources of fishing info do you use often
What FURUNO marine electronics do you run
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We will draw one person to win the full package:


1x Critter Collector jacket - Khaki - $289 RRP

1x Critter Collector Pants - Khaki - $199 RRP


1x Navigator Leggings - Charcoal - $119 RRP

1x Navigator LS tee - Charcoal - $119 RRP

1x Salty Head Protector - Charcoal - $59 RRP

We'll also have a few more giveaways for some right answers during the month. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page

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