Eastern Coromandel - Kingfish, Hapuku and ...Trumpeter!

October is typically a great time to fish on the Coromandel. As the hours of daylight increase, so does the feed in the water, the East Auckland current starts pushing in to the coast and the congregations of baitfish  to proliferate. Everything starts to go Boom!

The kingfish, which have often been skulking off the side of the pins over winter, come up to feed, often turning up their noses to mackeral in favour of their chosen baitfish this time of year - squid - making jigging and stickbaiting very effective.  

Kingfish have been smashing jigs high in the water column, and so using ACCUFish to mark good kingfish sign up high in the water column means jigs can be deployed to the right depth quick smart to get the bite from marked predator fish.

Hapuka have been off the fringes off the reefs on the Coromandel in 100m - 180m, and Dave Watts even managed to score this very nice trumpter and 30kg hapuka in consecutive drifts as a result of using bottom discrimination to fish the change in bottom type. 


Softbaiting has been very effective in around the Aldermen Islands and Mercury Islands, with some trophy snapper taken of late.  Fire up your Furuno and get amongst it!