Better Target Separation

Better Predator Identification

It's RezBoost from Furuno


"Instead of trying to interpret a blob on the screen, with RezBoost on my Furuno I can see individual marks.

Separating the bait from the predators means I know when there's a decent fish down there."

Matt Watson,

The ITM Fishing Show


The World's Best Fish Finder just got even better!

RezBoost™ is a revolutionary new technology utilizing FURUNO's advanced digital signal processing to provide fantastic resolution without having to change your transducer.

Every NavNet TZtouch2 display has a built-in Fish Finder that is dual-frequency (50/200kHz), and has a 600W/1kW power output.  There's no need to buy an expensive broadband transducer, RezBoost works on your narrowband transducer.

Up to 8 times sharper image than conventional Furuno Digital Filter



RezBoost™ is a revolutionary new feature that utilizes Furuno's exclusive digital signal processing protocol to produce fish targets and images that are up to 8 times sharper than a conventional Fish Finder*, and because it is inbuilt there is no need to change out your narrowband transducer*1, or purchase an expensive broadband transducer.

* RezBoost™ performance may vary depending on depth, range and signal frequency used.
*1 To check if your transducer supports the "Enhanced Mode", see the list below on this page. In-hull mounted transducers are not compatible with RezBoost™ technology.