Furuno developed the first fish finder in 1948. We've been ahead of the game every since with the world's best fish finding technology.

Furuno in New Zealand

Furuno is proudly imported, distributed and supported in New Zealand by Electronic Naviation Limited (ENL). In 2015 ENL celebrates its 70th birthday. ENL has a heritage of supporting Kiwi fishing at a grass roots level, including local fishing competitions and the infamous Furuno Fishing Tournament! That grass roots enthusiasm for fishing is tempered with a professionalism, innovation and dedication to excellence that has seen ENL at the cutting edge of marine electronics manufacturing with their groundbreaking product WASSP. The flourishing relationship between Furuno and ENL is signified by Furuno Global Corporations growing investment in the shareholding of ENL.

Award Winning Technology

Annually, the NMEA recognizes the new products with the best design, performance and reliability.  Since 1971, FURUNO has had the privilege of winning 212 NMEA awards, which is more than any two other manufacturers combined.

In 2006, a new category was added for Manufacturer of the Year - Support and FURUNO was awarded this prestigious title, an honour which Furuno was awarded each year for the past 9 years!

The NMEA members are comprised of dealers, distributors, industry experts and NMEA-approved technicians, and they each vote for who they feel should win the awards. Winning these awards demonstrates FURUNO's reputation for excellence and reliability among customers around the world.





RezBoost provides better target separation and predator target identification. Put simply, RezBoost provides a boost to traditional narrowband transducers enabling your Furuno sounder to outperform like a broadband sounder, without the cost of an expensive transducer. RezBoost combines Furuno's advanced, proprietary signal processing used in commercial sonar technology with CHIRP techniques.



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Unique to Furuno, the ACCU-FISH feature is a revolutionary fish size assessment function that can tell you the approximate size of the fish below your boat. ACCU-FISH signal processing blends the high and low frequencies to depict fish targets of all types simply, clearly and distinctly.  ACCU-FISH  displays fish symbols on your FURUNO screen with their length in cm. Or optionally their depth



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Bottom Discrimination 

The Bottom Discrimination (BDS) feature is unique to Furuno and perfect for those fishos who want to know the bottom composition they are looking at. Locating the exact spot where bottom composition changes will often identify the perfect habitat for fish like snapper and hapuka.  

Bottom composition indicates if the bottom is composed primarily of rocks, sand, gravel or mud.



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