TZ Touch Black Box

Multi-function Black Box for Full System Integration 

For the most intuitive black box system, the Furuno TZTouch Black Box will take your electronics set-up to a whole new level. The ability to network up to 6 displays or black box units gives you a multitude of installation options for whatever works best for you.

Pairs with your choice of LCD Display.



Furuno’s NavNet TZtouch Black Box system provides the user with greater freedom and versatility by pairing with virtually any monitor that accepts a DVI or HDMI input.

The TZTBB can even be controlled using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch by downloading the free custom app.


The TZTBB features a robust and compact design to withstand the harsh marine environment and offers a cost effective solution for those desiring the flexibility and customization options a “Black Box” system offers. Based on the current design of the TZT14, the TZTBB includes all the remarkable features, functionality, and sensor integration the NavNet TZtouch series provides such as pinch to zoom capability and Time Zero technology that provides efficient chart processing for stress free operation. With the TZTBB you also have the ability to add Radar, a Network Fish Finder, AIS, and a variety of other sensors as well as gain unlimited access to free weather forecasts with Marine Weather Forecaster.

In addition to these fantastic features, the Furuno TZTBB Black Box system boasts several new elements and enhanced features. For vessels with more than one navigation system the TZTBB affords the user with the ability to view a “Cloned” image by employing the units Video Output Splitter. With the Automatic aspect feature there is no need to worry about trying to read distorted images. Video output from the TZTBB automatically matches the connected monitor’s aspect ratio for wide-screen or traditional video formats, even when the image is projected to multiple monitors.

For added convenience the TZTBB processor includes an integrated and protected hard drive enclosure which allows the user to safely secure and easily connect the Mapmedia “World Drive” providing instant access to the entire world portfolio of Raster and Vector charts, Satellite imagery, and Bathymetric data. The TZTBB also includes a TZtouch cosmetically matched, low-profile switch box and a 5 meter cable providing a USB connection for the SD card reader and a separate connector for the power switch and alarm buzzer.

With all the exceptional features the unit has to offer paired with the added versatility a “Black Box” system provides, the TZTBB raises the bar high for Multi-Function Systems. The wait is over for a cost effective solution that frees the user from the fixed display design.