WASSP Multibeam Sonar


WASSP Multibeam enables seabed profiling at up to 100 times the speed of conventional single-beam echo-sounders, with improved accuracy and significantly reduced cost.

WASSP multibeam sonar technology gives you the power to really see what’s below your boat. It offers unparalleled accuracy, resolution and versatility in a cost-effective package suitable for vessels of every size. 

Built by ENL in New Zealand under ISO9001/2000 certification WASSP Systems are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients. It is WASSP’s 360 degree approach from research and development through to design, build and installation that delivers a range of products that provide our clients with innovative technology solutions. Partner this approach with ENL’s vast experience in this sector and their knowledge of how to optimise these technologies for each client’s specific requirements and you have world class products that perform time and time again to the highest standards.

WASSP MultiBeam for Fishing

"I can't over emphasise the WOW factor of this NZ pioneered system. As the saying goes, 'Before I was blind, now I can see!'

“The WASSP Multibeam technology offers many advantages, mapping the seafloor with greater accuracy allows fishing closer to structures for better quality catches and less chance of damaging gear."

“If we can catch the fish quickly and efficiently, then there will be far less handling damage, much less fuel and bait used and everyone in the game including the fish will be far better off.” NZ Cray/lobster fisherman, Trevor Burkhart


WASSP Multibeam for Survey

canterbury wreck

Wreck of the HMNZ Canterbury profiled with WASSP Multibeam after it was sunk as a recreational dive wreck in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand


Astrolabe reef, site of the container ship Rena disaster. 

WASSP was instrumental in helping Rena salvagors quickly survey the BOP for sunken containers.