Coromandel Kingfish & Bluenose

It may be the middle winter but being there at bite time you'll find the fish biting hard.

Often that means and early start, especially if you want to catch kingfish in winter, often the bite times will be short and sharp, and the crack of dawn at the moment is the most consistent time.

Team Furuno fishos Carl Muir and Paul Dyson headed out wide in search of some Bluenose today, and found the kingfish biting jigs on the way out. The kingfish were holding off the side of the reef in about 50m.  White and Pink Jigging Master alien jigs were the preferred lures.


Even the 10 year old FCV600L the guys were using with a 600 watt transducer performed in the deep water. It just goes to show that by tweaking a few things like the Noise and Clutter settings, turning the gain right up in 50KHZ and zooming in on the bottom, you can still mark Bluenose in the deep on an entry level sounder if you have to!


The guys report bluenose biting every drop in 400m, with fresh cut baits (kingfish!) working a treat!